Bone Carved

A prequel short story in the Soul Shamans series.

Holly Bennett teams up with her best friend to con classmates into thinking they’re being haunted. It’s super unethical, but Holly needs the extra cash, especially since her mother’s mind is perilously stuck halfway between the real world and the spirit world. Someone has to make a living until Holly figures out how to save her, and her dad’s fugitive status means it sure as hell won’t be him.

When Holly’s crush, comic book nerd Nathan Whitman, comes to her for help, Holly assumes that Laura’s behind another fake haunting, as per usual. But when Holly shows up at Nathan’s house, there’s no sign of a con around. Something full of dark magic is swirling inside his room, and Holly must face a real spirit of Lower World for the very first time. Or both of their lives will be sucked dry before she can even count to ten.

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